Cel Analytical Inc. (Cel-A) is a certified environmental laboratory offering full service microbiology and inorganic chemistry testing for water, air, soil, and sludge. We work with clients across all sectors, including Federal, State, and local municipalities, research facilities, environmental consulting firms, start-ups, and homeowners.


Cel-A lab routinely collects and analyzes samples from the following sources:

•   drinking water sources

•   wastewater / sludge

•   bathing water / swimming pools

•   stormwater

•   construction sites

•   the wine industry

•   residential


Our staff provides analysis-based results using methodologies approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and the California Department of Public Health (CPDH) guidelines. As a contract laboratory for independent testing, we hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and all analysis includes rigorous quality control.



In addition to analytical testing, Cel-A provides our clients with sample collection services. Cel-A provides on-site sampling by experienced field technicians, sample pick-up and delivery to the laboratory, as well as free sample containers, preservatives, blue ice, and ice chests. If clients prefer to do their own sampling, Cel-A can provide consultation and training in best practices for sample collection.


All samples must be accompanied with a printed Chain of Custody form, including sampling date, sampling time, sample location, and sampler signature.


Download our Chain of Custody

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